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What is EmployaBot?

  • EmployaBot is a staffing service for Robot employees using Temi Robot
  • We offer solutions to longer sale cycle products
  • Our Robots are located at the point of sale
  • EmployaBot will help Sale leaders handle initial tactical tasks and pre screen buyers
  • EmployaBot will virtually connect a buyer and seller at the location of sale
  • Helping business continuity during a pandemic

Why EmployaBot?

  • Have the ultimate 24-7 Service experience
  • Achieve Sales during “after hours”
  • Client can shop from anywhere and be at the location “real time”
  • Receive premium and personalized service
  • Appointments within minutes
  • Save on direct labor costs and increase profits
  • Be UNIQUE with a customizable SOLUTION!

How does it work?

Make an appointment thru App

Access location by clearing security

Tour location with host bot or virtual tour via EmployaBot app

Auto tour mode with voiceover descriptions

Get on video call with Sales person for additional information

Show ads when idle

Collect client information and feedback

Offer the contract signing

Please meet our Employabot team member

Why try our service?

We have a vision for future buy/sell experience

EmployaBot will enhance your Clients’ experience - virtual “shopping” from home

Our service will streamline and help your team's selling process

EmployaBot will increase your Sales volume for a fraction of cost at fixed overhead

Our service will reduce time and cost to your operations